Computational Intelligence and Learning

TRAIL doctoral seminars

The TRAIL doctoral seminars are afternoon sessions primarily targeting PhD students doing research in AI. They are organized in the context of TRAIL and co-sponsored by the FNRS CIL doctoral school and the SPW-EER ARIAC project. These events take place every month, in a hybrid mode (both on-site and online).

Once confirmed, the seminars will appear below and will be announced on the mailing list of the CIL doctoral school. You can register to this mailing list here.

For any further information regarding the TRAIL doctoral seminars, please contact Vân Anh Huynh-Thu.

Date Location Talks
27/10/2023, 2:00pm ULiège & online Vincent François-Lavet (VU Amsterdam)
"Generalization in deep reinforcement learning
and the role of representation learning for sequential decision-making tasks"
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01/12/2023, 2:00pm UNamur & online Elio Tuci (UNamur)
"Collective decision in swarm robotics and autonomous agents"
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08/02/2024, 2:00pm ULiège & online Abstracts
2:00pm: Guillaume Drion, Pierre Sacré, Alessio Franci (Montefiore Institute, ULiège)
"An introduction to the objectives and challenges of neuromorphic engineering"
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4:00pm: Pierre-François Pirlet (Data Protection Officer, ULiège)
"Processing personal data: does the GDPR apply to my research and how?"
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28/03/2024, 2:00pm UCLouvain & online Topic: Large language models

2:00pm: Marie-Catherine de Marneffe (UCLouvain)
"The I in LLMs stands for Intelligence": Large Language Models and their use in Natural Language Processing

4:15pm: Presentations by TRAIL researchers
  • Charlotte Nachtegael (ULB): DUVEL: an active-learning annotated biomedical corpus for the recognition of oligogenic combinations
  • Jeremie Ruvunangiza (UMons): Optimizing Data Cataloging: Enhanced Large Language Models with NER Capabilities
  • Feten Skhiri Gabbouj (UMons): "Large language models in the medical field"
  • Jan Held (ULiège): X-VARS: Introducing explainability in football refereeing with multi-model large language models
  • Benoît Ronval (UCLouvain): LLMs and tabular data: Synthetic data for fairness and zero-shot generation
  • Martin Balfroid (UNamur): Towards LLM-generated code tours for onboarding
  • Vincent Stragier (UMons): LLM-based interactive agents for visually impaired and blind individuals
  • Christophe Crochet (UCLouvain): How LLM and prompt engineering can close the gap between formal verification and network protocol testing
  • Lize Pirenne (ULiège): Context referencing citations for factuality improvement

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